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15 February 2018

34. In the Expression of Interest (EOI) form, the name of the company and its business details are provided. Does the "5 years of existence" apply to the specific design firm or to the consultants?

The participating lead architectural firm must have at least five (5) years of business operation. This prerequisite applies to the lead architectural firm, and NOT to its consultants and/or partners.

35. Does the design firm have to be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited?

The lead architectural firm is NOT required to have LEED accreditation.

36. We intend to partner with an experienced landscape architect for the competition. Will this be possible?

Design firms which are in business operation for less than five (5) years may partner with an architectural firm that meets the five-year requirement. The firm that meets the prerequisite must be the lead firm.

37. Item No. 3 of the EOI identifies team members. Is this list for strict compliance meaning we need one of each or just the members we think are necessary?

No, it is not for strict compliance, but the list of key members stated in the mechanics is prefered.

38. Will there be a shortlisting process from the five (5) preselected groups who passed Stage 1? Mechanics on your website states that the Technical Evaluation Committee will evaluate final entries?

There will be no shortlisting process after the top five firms are announced. All of the top five shortlisted firms are expected to submit entries for final evaluation.

39. How will the winning team be involved in the implementation of the project? Will this be a joint venture arrangement by winning design and build contractor or as an independent consultant of the Senate Committee on Accounts?

The winning architectural firm will have an oppurtunity to undertake the detailed architectural design as a consultant/designer of the winning design and build


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