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2-6 March 2018

20. Principal of a studio has been licensed and in business operation for six (6) years but the architectural firm has been registered only since January 2016. Does the individual licensed architect qualify for the 5 years in business operation (and enter as the said architectural firm) or is qualification strictly for the firm's existence?

Participating firm should have a proven track record and thus should be in existence for atleast five (5) years. As stated in the mechanics, the competition is open to all registered architectural firms that have been operating for at least five (5) years in the business. You may explore other options such as partnering or participating as joint venture with another architectural firm that meets the requirements to be able to join the competition. The architectural firm that meets the qualifications must be the lead firm of the team.

21. Can we include a cover page and back cover for the EOI document?

Yes, you may include a cover page and back cover. 

22. For all the submitting materials, does it mean on a spread of A4 (actual A3 size), a single page on a A4 paper, or on both sides of a A4 paper?

The size of the document must be submitted in A4. Teams may wish to change their layouts if they wish, but please ensure that the submitted answers are in the order given, with clear indications of any appendices/supplementary information. 

23. For the technical team, does it refer to a specific person or an organization?

The team refers to the members of the architectural firm or firms who are participating as partners/ joint venture/ consortium.

24. For providing 5 completed projects as relevant experiences, does it mean projects already built?

The requirement to have at least five (5) completed projects refers to completed design projects. 

25. Can we include appendix to the EOI?

Attachment of supplemental documents will not be allowed. It is required to follow the number of maximum pages indicated in the Expression of Interest (EOI) form.

26. Do the members in the technical team need to be exclusive i.e. be only on one team?

If an architect/ designer/ engineer is already part of a team, he or she is no longer allowed to join another team. 

27. Can a lead consultant submitting the EOI be a member in another team?

Architects/ designers/ engineers participating in the design competition are allowed to join only one team.

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