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7-10 March 2018


Do you require that the projects are completed and built? Or could projects that are now under construction or planned to start construction in coming months be included?

The requirement to have at least five (5) completed projects refers to completed design projects. 


I would like to know whether the team members who are not team leaders (the structural engineers, the interior designers and the landscape designers) can be part of more than a single group.

Architects/ designers/ engineers participating in the design competition are allowed to join only one team.


May we inquire if we need to include the resume or CV of the proposed teamin the EOI?


Yes, please provide technical and professional details of each member of the team in not more than five (5) pages.

Can a Firm be part of another team?


Yes, firms may have more than one team but team members (architect, engineer, designer) are allowed to join only one team.

Maximum of 5 pages A4 size PDF format (Portrait orientation). the maximum is for the team as a whole or the singular member?


The maximum of five (5) pages refers to the team as a whole. You may allot one page for each team member.

Per your website, the requirements state at least five (5) years’ business operation in Architectural Design are required. Does it mean we can not participate?

We require a minimum of five (5) years in business operation for the design firm. You my still join the competition by engaging in joint venture/ consortium/ partnership with another design firm that meets the requirements. The lead firm must be the firm that is compliant with the requirements of the competition.

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